Planes Personalizados

Planes  personalizados,


La entrevista es pre requisito para entrar a los planes personalizados.      
El costo es de $70.000 COP ($25 US)

La entrevista, consiste en tener un  tiempo (40 minutos) con nuestro director de manera personal o video llamada si estas en otra ubicación.

Customized investment,
Accessing them benefits you with:

  • Test to evaluate the qualities, personality, needs, perceptions, etc. (Evaluación Diagnostico)
  • Personalized consultancies focused on guiding the search and discovering the specific needs that are detected and after the process, which can last between 1 and 3 months, (Tiempo y numero de sesiones)
  • Contacts are carefully selected by us according to the results of the tests and the process. (Contactos seleccionados).
  • If you want 6 more personalized sessions. (6 sesiones personalizadas).

The interview is obligatory before the plans consists of having a time (40 minutes) with our director in a personal way or video call. Value is, 25 US.